Hairless Hilltop Hunks

To the home of Beautiful Hairless Skinny Pigs & Baldwins

~ The Waiting Lists ~

~ HHH Piggies are EXTREMELY desirable which means we are

estimating at this moment around an average of a 3 month wait to get to pick from Skinny Pigs if you get your name added now ~

When adding your name to the acquisition list (which is a non-refundable $50 deposit to get your name added) then it guarantees that you will get to pick and make purchases out of my NEW litters. The clients who have piggies reserved already get to pick first so that names get taken off the list faster. Basically that means that if you have a piggie reserved then you will get bumped up to the top of the list so I can take care of your order faster. This might not seem fair but it ensures that piggies won't stay around here too long.


Once you reserve your one or ones you would like you have the option to remain on the list until you have chosen all the babies you would like...

If I do not hear any responses from waiting list emails then your name will be automatically removed after 3 times of no responses.. even if you aren't interested in any I need to hear back from you or after 3 times of nothing I will remove your name so other clients don't have to wait as long.


IMPORTANT: You must pick or ship your pig(s) before they are 2 months old otherwise the pig will go back up as available and you will have to use your deposit for a younger pig. This keeps pigs from hanging out here for too long of time.


Skinny Pig Waiting List

Kiley in Missouri - ($50)
 Bronte in Indiana ($50 PD)

Shyla in Nebraska ($50 PD)

Molly in California ($50 PD)
Kayla in Massachusetts ($50 PD)
Sheri in Missouri ($50 PD)
Heather in Arkansas ($50 PD)
George in California ($50 PD)
Laura in North Carolina ($50 PD)
Bethany in Illinois ($50 PD)
Ryan in Tennessee ($50 PD)
Tiffany in Maine ($50 PD)

~ Put Your name on the waiting list right here ~

Baldwin Waiting List

~ Be added to my BALDWIN Waiting List TODAY~