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 ~ Caring for your Hairless Guinea Pig ~


Hairless Guinea Pigs should never be kept outside. When building a cage, you should always imagine if you had to live in that space.

If you think that it is too small then it is; always make sure their isn't over crowding.

I build my cages out of wire shelving materials from Walmart and Coroplast for the bottom which can be found at your local sign store.

Five of my cages are 2 feet by 5 feet. I keep several cavies in them and they can easily be divided up so that everyone is happy.

I believe these to be perfect cages for cavies and keep your piggy happy and healthy.


Do not leave your hairless guinea pig outdoors for long periods of time, and always make sure to keep an eye on them.

They should be kept in an enclosed area where no predators can reach them. Also only take them outside if the weather is nire and warm.


I keep my Skinnies & Baldwins around 72-74 degrees.

I feel as though they like this temperature and they tend to come out and enjoy their surroundings more.


Pine is my preferred bedding of choice.

Guinea pigs tend to have reactions to Aspen so i'm not planning on using that with my hairless guinea pigs.

There are other types you can purchase to keep down allergies such as soft sorbet, carefresh, and basically anything that says hypoallergenic. I would not use a thick type of wood shaving since they have fragile skin and you wouldn't want them to get splinters.


I feed all my cavies Buckeye Guinea Pig diet and orchard grass / alfalfa hay mix on a daily basis.

They also receive lots of greens such as roman lettuce, parsley, spinach, and celery.

I also feed them apples, tomatoes, bananas, green peppers, carrots, and fresh cut grass.


Every day most of my cavies receives a vitamin C tablet. Ones who are pregnant also receive a powdered calcium supplement.


I may do things a little differently than other breeders but I believe it keeps my Skinnies happy and healthy.

I would recommend giving your hairless guinea pig a bath once every two weeks otherwise their skin will become very dingy just like our skin would if we never took showers, haha. 

So definitely give your hairless guinea pig a bath as much as you want. Do not use any types of shampoos with fragrances, it is safest to use tearless baby shampoo.

After giving them a bath, add baby lotion to their skin.

Only use a finger tip amount otherwise there skin will become oily and uncomfortable. 

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