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~ Specializing in Dalmatian Skinny Pigs ~

Information about Hairless Dalmatian Skinny Pigs:

Dalmatian Skinny Pigs are extremely desirable. To get excellent quality Dalmatian Skinnies its best to breed back in Pure Bred Dalmatians into your Skinny Line. Baby Dalmatian Skinnies are so adorable and in the Dalmatian show world they are better to be born with little spotting rather than a bunch since over time the spots will become thicker and bigger and eventually grow together if the spotting is close as a baby.

Dalmatian Skinny babies who are born with Spotting already close together and have grown into an almost solid black adult doesn't mean they are still considered a Dalmatian. That Cavy is definitely still a dal and will produce dals if bred correctly. If your looking to purchase a Dal Skinny then the best way is to look for limited spotting at birth or even spotting with large spaces in between spots.

Want to know my secrets on breeding Dalmatian Skinnies and to learn how to produce your own just like mine!

To produce Dalmatian Hairless Skinny Pigs you need allot of space, patience, time, and planning expertise. It took me over a year to produce excellent quality Dalmatian Skinny Pigs and I didn't just get a Dalmatian Skinny and Breed it to a self black..

You must first purchase Dalmatian American Guinea Pigs,

a few unrelated sows and a boar. You will also need a couple self black unrelated Skinny Pig sows and boars. Then you should breed an American Dalmatian to a Self Black Skinny Pig. Dalmatians can never be bred Dalmatian x Dalmatian because of their lethal white gene that kills babies at birth. With your first litters being 1st Generation Skinny Pigs and you might of even produced some furry Dals which you should be keeping to breed back to an unrelated self black Skinny Pig. Then after that pairing of Dalmatian/Skinny Pig Gene Carrier to Self black Skinny you should of ended up with a hairless Dalmatian Skinny Pig, but it all depends on how well they carry that Dalmatian Gene. Eventually you will hopefully plan your breeding well and in the future end up with Self Black who had parents who were Dals so you can breed them to actual Dalmatian Skinnies and then end up with very well spotted Dalmatian Skinnies Babies, as shown below.

Dalmatian babies are born with spots that are light grey in color but over time get darker and thicker. Hope you have fun producing your very first Dal babies. If you have any questions, just ask :) They are the most unique of hairless guinea pigs.

** More pictures below of the Dalmatian Skinny Pigs

that I have had born here at Hairless Hilltop Hunks**

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