Hairless Hilltop Hunks

The Home of Beautiful Hairless Skinny Pigs & Baldwins

                ~ Price Information ~


                                                  ~ Skinny Pigs ~


*Hanky is an example of a $175 Skinny Pig*

 * A Skinny Pig is a Hairless Guinea Pig

with fuzz on nose and feet *


One Color Skinny

(Self Colored)

 $110 - $145


Two Color Skinny

(2 Broken Colors)

 $125 - $145


 Three Color Skinny

(TSW or 3 Broken Colors)

 $145 - $175

                        ~ Skinny Pig Carriers ~


1st Generation Skinny Gene Carrier:

$40 - $60

2nd Generation Skinny Gene Carrier:

$45 - $75

3rd Generation Skinny Gene Carrier:

$50 - $90

Any Generation after:

$65- $75 



 * Furry Guinea Pigs that carry the Hairless Skinny Gene *

             ~ Dalmatian Skinny Pigs & Carriers ~


* Domino is an example of a $300

Dalmatian Skinny Pig *

Dalmatian Skinny's:


 Boar: $175 - $275

Sows: $225 - $300






Skinny Carriers:


$50 - $150

$ Baldwins $



 * Completely Hairless Guinea Pig *


Baldwin Sow:

$175 - $300


Baldwin Boar:

$150 - $275

                    ~ Baldwin Gene Carriers ~


1st Generation Baldwin Carrier:

$60 - $100

2nd Generation Baldwin Carrier:

$90 - $130

3rd Generation Baldwin Carrier:

$100 - $150

Any Generation after:

$120 - $200


 * Furry Guinea Pigs that carry the

Hairless Baldwin Gene *


Reserving / Payment Options


If you are interested in reserving a piggie then all I require is a non-refundable deposit of $50 or full payment. Payment must be received within 36 hour period for paypal and 5 days for mail to reserve a baby. Otherwise I will expect that you are not interested in the baby and it will become available for other buyers.


I take several options as payment. I am newly able to take credit and debit card but will be an extra $2 charge every hundred dollars. 

I also accept cash and money orders.

I also take paypal as payment: Click on Send payment in Paypal and then click sending money to family and friends otherwise paypal charges fees to you and me.

My paypal email is  Thank you


non-refundable deposit reasoning:

**  ( Some people tend to reserve babies and then later on decide they aren't interested any more which in this case will mean you will not receive your deposit back. I hold onto pigs for months for clients so theirs allot of time, food, water, hay, and treats that I give your piggies through that large amount of time and when someone decides that aren't interested in them anymore then all that time spent caring for your piggies was a waste in which is why I  don't give deposits back. )


Holding Fee: If the pigs have reached 2 months old I will began to charge a $10 fee per pig per month that it remains in my care. That fee is for the feed, shavings and treats they will require while they hang out here until you are happy with the pigs you have reserved. 


Discount Offers

Purchase 3 Skinny Pigs - Get FREE Skinny Pig Carrier Boar

Purchase 4 Skinny Pigs - Get HALF OFF Skinny Pig Carrier Sow

Purchase 5 Skinny Pigs - Get FREE Skinny Pig Carrier Sow

Purchase 7 Skinny Pigs - Get HALF OFF Skinny Pig Boar


Purchase 3 Baldwin Carriers - Get 25% OFF BALDWIN Boar or Sow

Purchase 1 BALDWIN - Get HALF OFF Baldwin Carrier

Purchase 1 BALDWIN - or Get HALF OFF Skinny Pig



(if your sow has reached breeding age and would like her to be bred with one of my boars)

Skinny Pig Stud Fee: $150    Dalmatian Skinny Pig Stud Fee: $250

Baldwin Stud Fee: $200


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