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~ New Facility Opened Fall 2015 ~

* This is a big accomplishment for Hairless Hilltop Hunks! It all started in a back basement, moving from there to their own extra bedroom in our house with a window and laminate floor. Soon they will have three large windows for light, complete temperature controlled room, ventilation, big bathing sink, and easier sanitation.

All piggies have been relocated!!! CHECK OUT the new room in their new barn :)


We just got our skinny pigs and carrier pigs this week and they are all awesome! All in good health with great temperament, and even more beautiful in person. Thanks Natalie, you are a great breeder and very supportive with your shared knowledge.


Satisfied new pig mom

Natalie, I just want to thank you again for my beautiful pigs I got from you. They have SO much personality! They're very healthy and I just love them to death. You are an amazing breeder and take such great care of your pigs and I really admire that. Looking forward to getting more pigs! Thank you so much Natalie!

Destiny N

Satisfied Customer

Once again I am compelled to express my pleasure and appreciation with Hairless Hilltop Hunks. Natalie, you are truly an inspirational breeder. My new boy arrived in perfect condition in his well-prepared kennel, and is even more handsome in person. Thank you so much!

Ray's SKINNY GUINEA in Canada

Natalie, you are a breath of fresh air in The Skinny Pig breeding world. Besides being an excellent, ethical breeder you are honest and kind. We have talked a lot and it's great to have a very established, reputable Breeder who breeds and cares for the sweet piggies the same as I do. I know when I buy from you I'm getting the best quality Skinnies and Carriers I can find. Thank you so much for everything but most of all for being a true friend. That's worth it weight in gold :) I look forward to seeing you again and picking up my new beautiful babies. I can't recommend 'Hairless Hilltop Hunks' enough!!

Stacie ( Blue Sky Cavies )

Client & Friend

Natalie, thanks so very much for my little mouse(AKA) Ming. He is a super sweet boy. Just LOVE him very much. he has become such center and a joy to my home. been a LONG time waiting for a dal. looking HIGH and LOW. for yrs. so happy I got him. and many thanks to the transporter. Blessings to you and your piggies. many happy and healthy yrs. beth (Fremont Nebraska)


Dear Natalie

I have always admired Natalie and her cavies. She is truly amazing at what she does, and I am so proud to have one of her little ones. Fezzik is so sweet and handsome and just a wonderful addition to our family! I always look forward to her new arrivals and plan on buying from her again in the future. She has been so helpfull and I am truly grateful! Thanks for everything, Natalie!

Penelope`s Piglets


Natalie, Words cannot describe how happy I am with my 2 male skinnies! They are the best little guys ever! They have so much personality and I love to watch them play together! Antny and Guss or Ripley and Rizzo as they have come to be called, have add so much entertainment to our family. Bath time is always fun and I love the look on a peoples faces that have never seen a skinny when they meet them for the first time. Thank you for everything you do! With love from the Lawrence's and the boys


I am thrilled with my Baldwin, Ticker the Rock Star! He oozes in personality and loves to cuddle on my chest and he head-butts me when he wants to be petted. He's a real cuddle bug and so gentle. My grandkids are able to get him out with no problems, plus my one grandson has allergies so he is thrilled to have a pet he can play with when he comes to my house. Ticker's appetite is HUGE, and he especially loves his daily treats and enjoys his weekly bath. His skin is beautiful...soft, smooth, and flawless. I have even bought him a few t-shirts and he sits still for pictures! His picture is on my name tag at work so he is always a conversation starter, and that leads to my showing off all of the pictures I have of him on my phone! I have passed your website on to several of the customers at the pet stores. Thank you for raising such beautiful pigs and for giving me the opportunity to adopt one. He is happy and healthy, and I'm so lucky to have found him!


In Missouri

My experience with HHH has been fantastic! I first purchased an amazing boar (Rocket) now named Esteban in July of 2011. By November and two trips from Chicago to Red Bud, IL I had already aquired another 7 piggies. I truly fell in love with these captivating little creatures. HHH?s breeding program is of extremely high quality. Her babies not only look extraordinary but they also all have amazing personalities. Natalie has been nothing but a pleasure! I am VERY happy with all of my babies and can?t wait until I own one of her Skinny Dalmatian  Leticia Krasne ?

Leticia Krasne

I bought our skinny from HHH a few days before my 5 year old daughter had surgery. After telling her about the surgery I showed her our new baby, Neptune, now peter pan, and explained that he would be her buddy and while she was recovering he could hang out with her and cuddle. He is perfect, after a few days in the hospital all she could talk about was getting home to Pan. For the last 2 weeks he has been in his sleep sack on the couch right next to her. He's so sweet he purrs and sings when she plays with her vtech games as soon as the music starts, he sits on her chest eating snacks while she watches tv and as soon as she gets up in the morning he starts talking to her for his breakfest. He's been so much better than I hoped, thank you so much for my little girls best buddy!!


our skinny

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