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Shipping cavies requires a lot of preparation and time on my party. I do not mind shipping cavies because I know how it is to want a Skinny so bad but then they breeder doesn't ship. So I will dedicate my time to get you your babies. I do charge a shipping fee of $45, this fee is for the 2 hour driving distance there and back from the airport, sweaters & hand warmers (in winter), my time spent preparing the pigs for the plane trip, and extra supplies the airlines requires. I will do everything I can to make sure the cavies arrive safely but shipping piggies can be risky. I use Continental Airlines since they have the lowest rates, temperature controlled cargo area, and ship cavies all year round. Sending pigs on an airline can be pretty pricey. Prices for airlines is located below. Shipping charges include the plane ticket, pet crate with accessories, handling fee, and the purchase price for your cavies

(I DO NOT SHIP ON WEEKENDS - I'm sorry but my job consists of weekends and its impossible for me to make it to the airport - if that is the only way you will be able to get piggies from me and our dyeing to get some from me then I will charge an additional $50 to get them shipped on a weekend day)

American Airlines Cargo #: 1800-227-4622

(call them to see if they ship cavies from St. Louis International to your airport)

American Airlines

Plane Ticket: $205

Pet Crate: $35

Handling Fee: $45

TOTAL: $285 (without pigs)

Delta Airlines

Plane Ticket: $225

Pet Crate: $35

Handling Fee: $45

TOTAL: $305

I can deliver your piggies up to 2 hours with a $75 charge :)

This fee is never waved no matter how many pigs you are purchasing.