Hairless Hilltop Hunks

To the home of Beautiful Hairless Skinny Pigs & Baldwins

~Piggies Reserved & Payments Due~
Payments must be paid in full for each pig before they
reach one month old 

~ Joshua in Missouri ~

Izzie: $150

Gilligan: $200

Total Received: -$50

Payments Due: -$300

~ Brandace in Missouri ~

Hypa $25

Payments Received: -$50

Payments Due: $0

~ Jeremy in Illinois ~

Issia: $150

Total Received: -$50

Payments Due: -$100

(picking up around Christmas)

~ Jessica in Georgia ~

Tillie: $175

Shipping Cost: $240

Total: $415

Amount Paid: $415

Amount Owed: $0

(shipping December 20th)



Sending a Payment

To make a payment through paypal, send the money to   As soon as I see the sent amount I will subtract it from your payments due.

How to send payment through paypal:

~ Click SEND MONEY then put in my  then the amount owed..

After that click sending to a family member or friend.

Payment will be sent to me without any fees. If you don't feel comfortable sending it as that option and would rather send it as a purchase please make sure to add .3% to your purchase total ~