Hairless Hilltop Hunks

The Home of Beautiful Hairless Skinny Pigs & Baldwins

~ Waiting List ~


(I will NOT be adding any more names to the waiting list at this time)

I have seen a spike in demand for skinnies over the last several weeks and have decided to close the waiting list until we are able to take care of most of those waiting on the list currently. Please check this page in a month for a possible update. Thank you for your understanding.


Skinny Pig Waiting List

Baldwin Waiting List

~ Brittany P. - (waiting for Boy or girl)
~ Amy - (waiting for Boy)
~ Kristiann - (waiting for Black Boy)
~ Kristy (Texas)- (waiting for all black and all white ones)
~ Brad and Nicole (waiting for Dalmatian)
~ Lindsey - (waiting for girls)
~ Kelly - (waiting )
~ Michelle - (waiting for girl)
~ Tiffani - (waiting on 2 females)
~ Daisy - (waiting on 2 females)
~ Karen W. (all black boy or anything)
~ Danaree (dalmatian maybe)

~ Chelsie - (waiting for Baldwin boy)
~ Brad & Nicole (waiting for one)
~ Pedro -(waiting for 2 baldwins)
~ Kelly - (waiting on baldwin)
~ Michelle (waiting)
~ Jordan W. (waiting on one)
~ Joe (waiting on carrier)
~ Tiffani - (waiting)